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72.6% of internet users will become mobile-only users by 2025.

Long live mobile!📱

We bet if we asked you to think about some friends and family that only use their mobile devices you could think of at least a few people. 😉

In fact, did you know that some companies even have marketing strategies specifically targeting mobile users?

Mobile usage is actually increasing and has no signs of slowing down. STAT: according to the World Advertising Research Center (WARC), 72.6% of internet users will become mobile-only users by 2025.

For that reason, it’s essential that businesses invest in mobile marketing.

Is your businesses’ website as easy to use on mobile as it is on desktop? Does it have a responsive design, easy navigation, call-to-actions that stand out and a “Back to Top” button? Did you know all of the above affect your ranking on search engines like Google that rely on mobile-first indexing? We know, cue brain explosion here.

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