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Our Fav Small Business Tools

There's no gatekeeping here. We love to share resources that help us run our business. We recommend the following resources to help you run your business too!

☕️ Canva - a design tool that will never disappoint! Be sure to check out their new Magic Write tool. Get Canva Pro FREE for 30 days here.

☕️ Grammarly - proofreading made incredible with this tool.

☕️ - we’re all looking for written content ALL THE TIME and helps with all of it.

☕️ Unsplash - FREE stock images, need I say more?

☕️ Calendly - book meetings like a dream PLUS there’s a free version PLUS you can embed your calendar on your website.



More than a website design agency

Mug Life Marketing + Creative is more than a website design agency — we are your strategic partner in the entire process of building and growing your business online.

We are a full-service agency providing wow-factor website design, content, and branding for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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