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Our Coffee Obsessed CEO, Pamela Saca, was featured by Wix on World Entrepreneurs Day!

"World Entrepreneurs Day, a day in which we acknowledge and celebrate those courageous enough to blaze their own trail."

Wow, now this is a highlight!

Check out the Instagram post below.

What is World Entrepreneurs Day?

World Entrepreneurs Day is an annual event that celebrates entrepreneurs from around the world. It is held on August 21st each year and is a day to recognize and support the contributions that entrepreneurs make to the world's economic and social development. On this day, entrepreneurs and innovators share their stories, celebrate their successes, and create a global network of support. World Entrepreneurs Day is also used to inspire new entrepreneurs and to encourage existing entrepreneurs to continue to innovate and create new ideas for the future.

Thanks to Wix for this incredible feature. Happy World Entrepreneurs Day!

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